The Rodhini mantra is high product quality and customer service.

A. Product Quality

Our installations are in compliance with the provisions of Indian Standard which is the International Standard,  IEC 62305, for Protection of Buildings and Allied Structures against Lightning. There are two important aspects of our LPS installations:

  • The placement of air terminals is determined by either the Cone-of-Protection or the Rolling Sphere method as appropriate to the geometry of the structure.
  •  Each earth-electrode resistance is kept below 10 ohms if there is only one earth electrode or below 25 ohms for the system if more than one electrode.

For complete protection from electrical surges inside the building,  we install the recommended LAYERED PROTECTION recommended by IEEE –  see Surge Protection.

B. Customer Service
The rodhini customer service comprises three aspects:

  1. Maintenance of installed systems
  2. Timely Response to customer calls
  3. Timely Solution of customer problems

Maintenance of installed  systems
Our LPS Systems are designed to last at least Fifty years and are guaranteed for 14 years. In order to provide the 14-year guarantee, Rodhini installations minimize welding and use components that do not rust. Each installation is inspected free of charge one year from the date of installation. The inspection ensures that the installed LPS is intact, electrically continuous, and presents earth-electrode resistance of atmost 10 ohms. Thereafter the site is visited every eleven (11) months for the same inspection, an inspection report is provided, and the customer is charged a nominal fee and cost of transportation of the technician.

SPD’s protect the load by routing surges to earth; some of the surges are huge and they cause slow deterioration of the SPD over a few years and the SPD shows this with change of the color on the front cartridge.  The cartridge is easily removed like a fuse; we advise the customer where they can purchase the replacement cartridge.

Timely Response to customer calls and Timely Solution of customer problems
Rodhini will strive to be customer-centric by responding to customer calls and customer requests in a timely manner. We will strive to provide you service at the promised time.

The Rodhini Code of Practice

  1. Pre-installation visit to site for inspection, measurements and testing. Our Mobile Testing Lab will reach and do tests on site before submitting a quote.
  2.  Rates for Lightning Protection System  for buildings are determined by building height,  roof shape, and electrical resistance of the ground. We shall not resort to sales gimmicks like government subsidy, discount, etc.
  3. Air terminals selection and placement are as per scientific designs. We follow the scientific design of systems and the installation and testing processes  as per IEC 62305.
  4. We do not install CTS terminals as scientific research and field trials have not validated them.
  5. Sound installation practices: Equipotential bonding, touch and step potential remedies, and Earth-Electrode resistance testing govern our LPS installations.
  6. Components and materials used conform to guidelines in IEC 62305.
  7. Earthing Design as per IEC 62305 and the NFPA USA Standard for the installation of Lightning Protection System.
  8. The SPD standard we use is UL 1449 Third Edition (USA) Standard. We currently install Schneider Electric and ABB brands.
  9. Test and Commissioning Report and Warranty card are issued upon completion of both LPS and SPD installations.